• What is the program fee?

    We will tell you everything about it.

Our program fees

Choose for only internship placement or a total package which includes accommodation, Chinese classes, and more.

What can we arrange for you?

In the table below is an overview of all the services which we offer for you. For more information about our internship programs with prices please contact us.

Leave your e-mail behind and we will contact you shortly.

Other services

  • Help with travel in China
  • Gap year in China
  • Volunteer in China
  • Summercamp in China
  • Chinese language courses
  • Work as Engels teacher in China

Internship placement

Internship placement will cost a one time fee of 700 USD. Hereby we will find a suitable internship for you based on your preferences. We will give you have multiple proposals, you make the choice.

Total package

An internship in China is an amazing experience, only there is also a lot to arrange, such as the internship, accommodation, visa, etc. To fully relieve you, we offer a total package.


  • Internship placement
  • Accommodation (all-inclusive)
  • Student visa
  • Weekly 4 hours Chinese class
  • Weekly cultural activities
  • Airport pick up service
  • 24/7 help on location
  • Welcome package

What are the fees?

The price of the total package depends entirely on the number of months your internship is going to run for, in which city the internship will be and in which sector. With a total package, almost everything is arranged for you such as the internship, accommodation, Chinese classes, weekly activities and more! For a price indication and/or free advice you can contact us or leave your email, we will contact you within 24 hours.

You’re not the first one!

Internships in China are really popular, you will meet a lot of other international students. Our accommodations are shared with other interns as well.

Sign up without obligation

Signing up for your internship in China is without any obligation. After we had a Skype conversation you can decide whether to start the process or not!

No internship = money back

If we can’t find an internship which feels comfortable for you, you won’t have to pay for anything. Sounds fair right?

A total package

Our total package includes everything for you. You almost don’t have to arrange anything yourself.

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