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Internship in Chengdu, panda capital

Internship in Chengdu? Chengdu is a smaller city compared to Beijing or Shanghai for example, but it is growing very fast economically. Chengdu is perhaps a bit smaller than other Chinese cities, but has the largest building in the world of 500 × 400 meters! Chengdu has a large economic center and is super innovative, an internship in Chengdu is perfect for someone who likes a more compact city.

chengdu city center

What to expect from an internship in Chengdu?

During your internship in Chengdu, you will make a lot of new international friends and build a huge network for the future. You will experience what it is like to live and work in Chengdu which will bring a lot of new experiences and will stand strong on your curriculum vitae.

Besides your internship in Chengdu, you will have enough free time to do other great things in Chengdu, such as discovering the city, famous panda’s, shopping, traveling to other places, going out, join our weekly activities and way more! In short, an internship in Chengdu is an amazing experience and investment for the future!

What are the costs?

Unfortunately, an internship in Chengdu is not for free, this is because we spend a lot of effort and time finding the best possible internship in Chengdu for you based on your preferences. After we had a conversation by e-mail or Skype we will search for appropriate internship companies based on your preferences. We will introduce them to you so that you can make the decision.

We will also give you the freedom to have a Skype with the internship company to make sure you’re making the right decision. Besides finding an amazing internship in Chengdu for you we can also provide you with accommodation at one of our student apartments, weekly Chinese classes, a student visa, and more!

Are you ready to start your internship in Chengdu?

Imagine spending a couple of months during your study in Chengdu? Sounds good right? Yep, we think so too. Not sure about it? Check out our other internship locations in China like Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou. Want to have a Skype meeting with us about our programs? contact us or leave your e-mail behind.

Leave your e-mail behind and we will contact you shortly.

Short information about Chengdu

Did you know?

  • Chengdu has 14.4 million inhabitants.
  • Chengdu has a Tibetan neighborhood.
  • Chengdu is the gateway to Tibet.
  • Chengdu is known for the spicy hotspot.
  • The pand breeding center of Chengdu ensures that the panda not dies out.

Visa & flight tickets

If you want to do an internship in Chengdu, you will need a Chinese visa. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to apply for a Chinese visa and we will help you with it.

Flight tickets
Flying to Chengdu is unfortunately not free, so book airline tickets! You can easily book airline tickets yourself, but we could also help you with this. It is wise to compare the prices and flight times of different airlines yourself. Hereby we recommend Skyscanner and Momondo.

Shelter and public transportation

You will probably live in a shared apartment or a hotel/hostel, based on your preference we will help you with this. We offer rooms in a shared apartment with other interns or can help you find a suitable hotel or hostel.

Public transportation.
China has one of the largest public transportation networks in the world. With multiple subways underneath the city, buses and taxi’s above-ground ensuring that everyone can move quickly and comfortably. It is also possible to use loan bikes in Chengdu, these bikes are located throughout the city and are easy to use with an application on your phone, you can also leave them everywhere on the street.

Costs (approximately):
– Taxi 5 euro per hour
– Bus 0,25 euro per hour
– Metro 0,75 euro per hour
– Loan bicycle 0,25 euro per hour

Livelihood and safety

Food and drinks in Chengdu are affordable. A simple meal starts from just one euro and in restaurants you can almost always eat a good meal for underneath 10 euros. Drinks in the supermarket are also cheaper than in most of the western countries. A can of Coca Cola is around 0.30 cents and a bottle of water 0.15 cents. China is therefore a wonderful country to always eat outside. eat outside every day, who wouldn’t want that! #no more cleaning dishes!

China is seen as one of the safest countries in the world and you will also notice this on the street. Quarrels or fights seldom occur on the street and crime does not occur either. Of course, you should always watch out for pickpockets in touristic places, but luckily this is not very common. The Chinese people are usually very friendly and always want to try to help you, even though their English is sometimes not that good.

Sign up without any obligations

Signing up for an internship in Chengdu is without any obligations. After you contact us or left your e-mail behind we will contact you to talk about the possibilities. Mostly we plan a Skype meeting to answer all of your questions and explain what we can arrange for you.

When you choose to go for it, we will ask for a deposit. After your internship is arranged you will pay us the total fee and you can pack your bags to prepare for your internship in Chengdu!

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