• Why China Abroad?

    Because we offer the best internships for a fair price.

Why would you choose for us?

As we only offer internships for years in China and no other countries, we are specialized in this and we make sure that you know the best time of your study!

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Why does China Abroad exist?

We believe that there are still a lot of companies that provide low-quality internships in China with illegal holiday visas for students. We want to transfer our enthusiasm and passion for China to students by offering great and challenging internships, with top service and a fair price.

At our internship locations, we have our own offices so you are always welcome to visit us for any help, advice, a drink and of course to meet us and other interns! We also offer Chinese classes from our own offices and weekly activities. You won’t be bored during your internship!

China Abroad was born

My name is Leon Strikwerda and I am the founder of China Abroad. I had an internship in China that was organized by one of the many agencies. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. With the feeling that more students should experience this horrible situation, China Abroad was established.

With four offices on our internship locations, private accommodations, several colleagues per office and years of experience we confidently say that your internship will be arranged perfectly!

Experience a great internship in China

We offer great internships in China for many years, with over hundreds of successfully placed students from all over the world we can call ourselves the expert for internships in China. Set up a Skype meeting to meet us without any obligation.

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China experts

Because we live, work and operate from China, we know everything about China.

Office on location

In every internship location, we have our own offices. you’re always welcome!

Student visa

We are one of the few companies who offers you a student visa during your internship.

meet other interns

You will meet a lot of other interns during your internship, like during our weekly activities.

Apply without any risk

If we can’t find a suitable internship for you, we won’t charge you.

The best internships

We will find a suitable internship for you based on your preferences.

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