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Your internship in China, an unforgettable time and investment for the future. China Abroad arranges it for you!

Internship in China

An internship in China is completely different than an internship in your own country. During an internship in China, you will experience an entirely different way of living where you will meet new people and build a huge network which can be helpful in the future and also will have the possibility to travel and much more. View our internship locations and sign up for an internship in China, without any obligations.

Why an internship in China?

An internship in China is not only a unique experience but also the perfect time to discover the beauty of China. During your internship in China, you will live, work and play in a country full of treasures and amazing places. Can you imagine yourself walking on the Great Wall of China or seeing Shanghai from above from one of the tallest buildings in the world? Having an internship in China is an experience of a lifetime and an investment for the future which stands strong on your curriculum vitae!

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We understand very well that you first would like to know everything about an internship in China before signing up. We would like to inform, inspire and convince you why an internship in China will be the best time of your study and a unique experience and an investment for the future.

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